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What feels lighter, easier and freer? The Trager Approach is a holistic method of body/mind integration that creates greater ease of movement and a sense of peacefulness. Trager uses gentle touch and small movements to generate feelings of lightness, joy and good health.

Trager relies on the simple principle that our bodies need to be reminded of what is easier and requires less effort. Have you ever found yourself walking around stiff and hunched over? Without realizing it, you may be contributing to stress-related symptoms such as headaches, back and neck pain, and even insomnia. With Trager, you can break this cycle. You can feel lighter and less stressed.

During a typical Trager session, you develop a calm, peaceful connection with yourself, replacing long-standing, restrictive patterns with increased movement, and feelings of lightness and good health. Working with your pain-free range of motion, you observe what feels easier, lighter or softer. You unlock unconscious holding patterns within the nervous system. Each gentle touch and movement reminds your body of how it felt before it met the stresses of life and helps you recall what it feels like to be relaxed. When this sensation is experienced consciously, you learn to replace feelings of stress with those of peace.

Trager is Helpful for Anyone Experiencing:

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Throughout the session, you will be on a well-padded table in a safe, comfortable environment. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Trager Approach concerns the state of the practitioner in relationship to the person receiving the work. The Trager practitioner adopts a relaxed, open, meditative state of consciousness that Dr. Milton Trager (the founder of the approach) nicknamed "hook-up." "Hook-up" is said to be a connection that one makes with the larger field of energy, the universe outside of oneself. Instead of being created by the practitioner, Trager work flows through the practitioner; the hands become tools for the intuition. From this place of serenity, your practitioner uses touch and movement to communicate with your body and mind the feeling of a freer, easier way of being and moving. A calm, peaceful connection is developed, which is the essence of the Trager Approach.

There are two main phases to the Trager Approach. The first involves table work in which gentle touch, stretching and rhythmic rocking are used to relax muscles and joints. Compressions, elongations and rhythmical movements are imparted manually in a therapeutic way. This enables the possibility for you to move each part of your body freely, effortlessly and gracefully on your own. As your body and mind yield to these soft movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible. In addition to table work, self-care exercises are provided, which allow you to continue and integrate this freedom of movement in your daily life.

The Benefits of The Trager Approach

Every movement and every touch that you experience while lying on the table communicates how free your body can be. Your nervous system is calmed, your muscles relax and your body is able to let go. As your mind and body yield to these soft movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible. Many people experience increased mental clarity, deep relaxation, improved physical mobility and relief from chronic pain. The benefits of a Trager session are cumulative, with subsequent sessions allowing for deeper and longer lasting change.

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"Not until we experience it, is it more than just words. After we experience it, there is no need for words. The value of words is to stimulate the desire to experience."
Milton Trager